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Our privacy policy controls, that how the Horror Túra Kft. (in the following: us) collects and processes your personal data regarding to your booking on our website:
The personal data is crucial infromation on how we can identify our guests (in the following: you) for example: name, location, online identifier, sex, financial data. Our privacy policy includes your rights regarding your personal data. Please read our privacy policy before you book an appointment. If you contact us via phone or e-mail, then you are automatically accepting our privacy policy. If you are not accepting our privacy policy, then please do not use our website, do not book an appointment.
We are deeply committed towards the safety of personal data as well as providing secure services according to legislation. Our privacy policy contains the following sections:
Who is monitoring the data?
Our company controls the processing of your personal data. This activity is monitored by the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
How can I send questions regarding the safety of personal data?
Please, at first read the FAQ section and our privacy policy. You can send your questions regarding to our privacy policy to the following e-mail address:
What kind of personal data do the company process?
In case of booking an appointment we process the following data:

What purposes do my personal data serve?
We process your data for the following purposes:

1. Contact: We can inform you if we can not open in the time of your booked apointment because of technical or other issues.
2. For the protection of our and your rights. In certain kind of situations we can assume in good faith that it is necessary to record and publish your data: (i) To protect our privacy, our safety and our properties or to validate our lawful rights. (ii) To protect your public security, your privacy and your safety. (iii) For business risk management.
We will inform you if we process your personal data for diferent purposes or if we involve a third party.

What is the retention period?
We have to use these periods and criteria, unless the law does not provide for or allows another period, or our logical conviction is that the followings are necessary:

If you have further queries please contact us on the aformentioned e-mail address in our privacy policy.
Safety and privacy protection measures!
Tha data will be processed by partially automated mechanical devices and we will protect it by appropriate security measures. We will provide data security against losses, theft and unauthorized use, disclosure, modification by appropriate legal, administrative, technical, personnel and physical measures.
The website may include links to partners, their websites/applications. If you follow any of these links you have to note that these websites/applications may following different policies and conditions than us. We do not take responsibility for the content of these websites/applications. Please, check the policies and conditions before you accept it or you send data to them.
Who has access to personal data?
The data can be processed in the European Economic Area (EEA) according to the following limits:

If you need further information on the data processing contact us.
Are the personal data will end up abroad?
What rights do you have related to your personal data?

Amendments of Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is valid from the date that is marked in the header. We can make further changes to it for business development, as well as legal and regulatory changes. In case of major changes we will notify you in advance.