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The surveillance systems data handling regulation operating on the premises of the Horror Túra Kft, on the territory of the Nightmare in Budapest - Haunted house.
1. The data handling: On the premises of the Horror Túra Kft, on the premises Nightmare in Budapest – haunted house (from now referred to as: haunted house) 1072 Budapest, Rákóczi Street 30.  The surveillance is done by electronic surveillance units – cameras – during which recordings are made containing personal information. The surveillance system is operated by the Horror Túra Kft.
2. The purpose of data handling:
2.1 The purpose of surveillance and video recording is to protect the well being of personnel residing within the territory of the haunted house, as well as the belongings of guests and the workers in use assets. Within these our goal is to prevent any violation of law, sighting of violations, further more to be used when needed in correlation with the above mentioned as evidence by the proper authorities.
2.2 The recording of experiences during the show and uploading them to video media sharing websites (e.g.: YouTube). There are no personal information presented when uploading the videos, only the date and time of visiting. The uploading is voluntary, the guests are able to declare before the show, whether or not they consent to share the video.
3. The claim of the data handling: The employees of the haunted house get a written notification of the video surveillance systems data handling. The consent of individuals, not mentioned previously is voluntary, with proper behaviour, except the show experience recordings, and the uploading of these on YouTube. About the application of the surveillance system we are obligated to post an informative, visible and well readable notice for the visiting third party. The information within said notice is contained in the 1st attachment.
4.The duration of the data handling: The video recordings are stored within the central main recording unit for three workdays, after this period they are automatically deleted!
5. The authority of the data handling: The personnel authorised to access the continuous video stream are listed on the 2nd attachment. The only personnel authorised to access the recorded and stored footage are listed in the 3rd attachment. The personnel authorised to transfer and copy recorded and stored videos are listed in the 4th attachment. The recording unit is placed behind the reception desk for safety precautions. The recordings are only accessible with a password for safety precautions.
6. Data security measures:
6.1. The surveillance monitors are placed such that during video streaming no unauthorised individuals can observe them
6.2. The surveillance recordings are only accessed for filtering out violations and can only be observed for initiating measures against violations. The only exceptions are the cameras surveying the “labyrinth”, “train” and the exit, these can be observed and recorded by the receptionist to create a bigger and a more impactfull experience. The computer located by the reception is able to record the video stream just like the central main recording unit. These recordings are deleted after a three workday period. The computer is protected by a password.
6.3. The access of the recordings is only possible in a safe condition and so that the data handling individual is easily identifiable (with personal codes). With the discontinuation of someone’s authority any further access to the recordings is immediately denied.
6.4 No safety copies are made from the recordings.
6.5. There are registered records about the replays according to the 5th attachment.
6.6. After sighting any violations we are obligated to store the footage and take immediate measures, with that we must notify the proper authorities that there are recordings of the crime. There are records about any data out handing according on a legal form according to the 6th attachment.
7. Within the territory of the haunted house there are 11 working cameras, out of these 9 are capable of video recording, the remaining 2 are only capable of surveillance. The cameras exact location and surveyed territory is contained in the 7th attachment.
8. The affected individuals rights:
8.1. Affected: Any defined, identified by personal identification or - directly or indirectly – furthermore identifiable natural individual (The law of information autonomy and of information freedom 2011. CXII. 3§1 point).
8.2. Those whose rights or rightful interests are affected by the recordings or affected by other means of personal data storage, can request with rightful claims within three workdays not to delete their data. By the request of any proper authority we are obliged to immediately hand the recordings over. If the authority’s request does not arrive within 30 days from the original request the data must be immediately deleted. The request must be made by the manager.
8.3. The affected can request by the Horror Túra Kft.:
8.3.1. Information about their personal data’s handling,
8.3.2. Correction of their personal data,
8.3.3. The deletion of their personal data.
8.4 The deletion of their personal data,
8.4.1. If the data handling or data transfer is needed to fulfil the legal duty of the data handler or to validate the rightful interests of the third party or the data handler, except in case of obligatory data handling;
8.4.2. If the personal data handling happens because of personal gain, public opinion research or used for scientific research, furthermore in any other legally defined case.
8.4.3 In tbe above mentioned legally defined cases the manager inspects the requests within at most 15 days and notifies the requester in a written form about the decision.
8.5. In the case of violation of ones rights a report can be made to the law court against the data handler. The data handler is obligated to prove that the taken actions are based in law.
9. The data handling regulations are available in our headquarters, on our premises and on our website as well ( The regulation is valid from this day.
Budapest, 2018. May 24.