Nightmare in Budapest presents: Detectives.

Not horror game!

The Hastings family has bought a big house in Budapest. The property needs some renovating because it was unoccupied for a long time. The family can't wait to move in, as their youngest child has fallen seriously ill and his doctor has moved to the city. It all worked out, but one night the master of the house was murdered. The case has been assigned to Detective Alaister Lacet, who can't handle this case alone, so he's asking for your help! He's looking for two to six assistant detectives who think they're capable of solving this case. I wonder who the killer is.

The tasks are:

• to discuss the matters of the investigation

• to interrogate the suspects

• to gather evidence and to examine them

• to take notes

• to arrest the killer.

From June, Nightmare in Budapest offers a new program. The game takes place in one place, on 400 square meters, in 11 different locations, with 11 live characters. The duration of the game: 1.5 - 2 hours. We take care of snacks and excitement. More information will be coming soon…