Dear Visitors!
We re-open the gates of Nightmare in Budapest (every friday, saturday and sunday at 14:00-20:00) ! We will be open for a shorter duration than usual. We welcome anyone, who wants to feel scared or would like to escape from our escape room! We would like to inform anyone interested in our programs, that the group sizes where decreased to 4-5 people maximum. Of course anyone who requires latex gloves we can provide them by the reception. If required please notify our receptionist! We also provide hand sanitising options before and after the games. Please come with a face coverin mask. Due to the coronavirus outbreak we are forced to implement certain measures, such as: our games can not be visited by individuals who suffer from any kind of illness. All of our programs require booking ahead of time. Thank you for your understanding!

Nightmare in Budapest" is an interactive horror theatre, or rather a journey into the realm of darkness in the style of the american haunted house and magic castle ride.
Our aim is to create a terrifying, adrenaline-fuelled, spectacular and thrilling ride, which will leave our brave visitors, between the ages of 14 and 99, with a lasting memory.

Our "stark raving" performers await our thrill-seeking, fear-hungry visitors in an environment of unique sets and props over 400 square metres (25-30 mins), with special sound and light effects.

Are you brave enough to enter and face your fears?

Our everyday show is „The Nightmare”, in which you encounter creatures and lords of the dark while you descend deeper and deeper into their realm. During this horrific tour you have to find your way through multiple chambers and labyrinths spread across 400 m2 while constantly bargaining or perhaps running for your life.


Special shows 

This shows are avalilable only on specific dates!

In addition to our normal Nightmare program available every day, we are waiting for you with a special program almost one day almost every month. The dates of the special programs are always posted on the main page or on our facebook page in the form of an event at the beginning of the given month.

Zombie apocalypse

zombihunZombie Apocalypse – the outbreak cannot be contained. The staff of the secret research lab has all been infected. One bite and you will be one of them too.
Your mission:
Find the antidote so the infection cannot spread to the surface!
Avoid to be bitten by the „wanderers”!
Find your way out alive!



asylumengThe Asylum is a top secret underground facility which is the home of potential serial killers and clincally insane patients. They are here because everyone wanted to forget about them and so they did. Now the Asylum and it's crew needs your help. A few days ago one of the employees set all of the inhabitants free and turned the place upside down. Which once was a safe heaven for seriously insane people now it is a living hell. Can you survive and save the Asylum or you will end up being one of them?



Friday 13th

Friday13The classic killers will arrive at the horror house again!
Jason and his friends are coming to the horror house that day to meet you!
Meet with them and get out alive!



Posessed (the exorcist)

megszallottakhunAn evil-hearted cult is trying to summon a very a dangerous demon.
The priest needs your help to stop the cult before they raise hell on earth.




ColonyDuring the cold war era a colony decided that they will hide away in an underground bunker. Since then nobody ever heard of them again. They became bestial creatures who are unable to live a civilzed life. Their sustainment device is broken. Help them fix it before they decide to leave the bunker and live on the surface.








bohocengLudwig is organizing a party with his friends where you got invited too. Only if you like the company of clowns. Chaos is guaranteed, but survival isn't. The show might contain neosurrealism, card tricks and possibly panic attacks!